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College Golf Combines
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2019 College Golf Combines

Why Combines are Successful!

The 2019 Coaches' Convention Combine in Las Vegas on December 8th provides recruits and parents a rare opportunity to gain valuable exposure to College Golf Coaches and learn more about the recruiting process. The Combine format allows coaches to evaluate every part of the recruit's game. The initial list of coaches registered to attend the Combine  -  Men's   Women's

Over 11 years, College Golf Combines participants have received more than $16 million in athletic and academic scholarships as a direct result of national and regional exposure to College Golf Coaches.  Recruits and parents are now realizing that they do not need to play as many tournaments throughout the year - quality tournaments and exposure to coaches is far more important than playing in the same regional or local tour events each week.

College Golf Coaches have also benefited greatly from signing the recruits they evaluated and learned about at combines.  The coaches that have consistently attended combines have seen their program's ranking improve, won conference championships and qualified for the post season - some for the first time ever!

More than 300 College Golf Coaches have now experienced at least one College Golf Combine.  As the combines begin their 11th year of providing an unique opportunity for College Golf Coaches to evaluate recruits. Coaches are now notifying recruits that they will be attending a combine and asking that they participate to give the coach an opportunity to evaluate their game.

At each of the 2019 combines, coaches will receive a Coach's Book with the resumes of every participant in the same format and separated by graduation year.  The Coach's Books have become very popular with the coaches at the combines.  The resumes are created with the information recruits use to build their interactive resume at College Golf Resumes  The Coach's Books are also now available to every coach in the country online - which has dramatically increased the exposure value to recruits at the combines.  Coaches' recruiting budgets have been limited the last couple years because of the economic downturn and they appreciate the many conveniences and efficiencies with the combine format.

The Skills Challenges allow the coaches to evaluate every part of a recruit's game - unlike any evaluation at a strictly stroke play junior tournament.  The Skills Challenge results have also been very helpful to recruits to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses in their games.

The combine website is now bookmarked on College Golf Coaches computers.  The results from the Skills Challenges, Stroke Play and Tournament Rounds will be available, during and after the combine, to all coaches. The 36 hole tournament is included in the Golfweek and Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings. 

There is no other junior tournament that has College Golf Coaches register in advance!  There are no other tournaments that provide coaches a Coach's Book, golf carts, lunch each day and the opportunity to request certain pairings.

Each combine participant will receive a list of all registered coaches, with email addresses, two weeks prior to the combine.  We encourage the combine participants to contact the coaches at the universities that they are interested in attending to introduce themselves.

College Golf Combines also provide valuable information to recruits and parents about how to effectively navigate the recruiting process.  Learning how to develop relationships with College Golf Coaches is critically important during the recruiting process.

There is a very good reason why so many recruits and parents return to the combines year after year - Combines = Successful Recruiting for both Recruits and College Golf Coaches!