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College Golf Combines
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2019 College Golf Combines

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a recruit participate in a combine(s)?
The combines provide all recruits an unique opportunity to have coaches evaluate all parts of their game.  Recruits can use the combines to invite coaches to attend and evaluate them competing in skills challenges and the tournament rounds.  There will be other coaches attending the combines that will learn about some recruits for the first time.  College golf provides many opportunities to recruits and the combines will assist in finding the right school and coach.

Why will coaches attend the combines?
The goal of the combines is to bring together recruits and D1, D2, D3, NAIA and Junior College coaches.  The combines provide coaches an efficient way to evaluate numerous recruits in one location over two days.

Is there a Membership Fee to play in the combines?
No, recruits only pay a registration fee for each combine. 

May recruits register for more than one combine?
Yes, there is no restriction for recruits that want to participate in multiple combines and increase their opportunity to be evaluated by more coaches.

Are 2016 recruits and Junior College students able to participate in the combines?
Yes, if you have NOT signed a Letter of Intent and are currently not a member of college golf team, you are eligible to participate in the combines.

What is the refund/cancellation policy if I qualify for another tournament or my plans change during the summer?
The refund/cancellation policy is that you receive your registration fee less $145, if you cancel at least 30 days prior to the combine, after which there would be no refund.

May International Recruits participate in the combines?

Will recruits have the opportunity to meet with the coaches?
Each coach follows various recruiting rules depending on their Division and Conference.  Coaches have slightly different approaches to recruiting and evaluating talent.  We encourage recruits to focus on playing their best at the combines and learning the reality of the recruiting process with the goal of eventually finding the right school and coach.

Can a recruit only attend one or two days of the combine?
Yes, if you have a tournament or travel conflict and are only able to attend one or two days, you may still participate in the combines.

Will the combine results be available to the participants and coaches?
Yes, the Skills Challenges and 36 Hole Stroke Play hole by hole results will be available online the same day.   In addition, each coach in attendance will receive a Coach’s Book with detailed resume information on each participant in the same format.