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2018 IMG Academy

Junior World Championship

Coach's Book of Resumes

July 10th-13th, 2018

Registration Now Open!

Make Sure College Golf Coaches See Your Resume!

In addition to the participant contact information sheet that the IMG Academy Junior World Championship provides College Golf Coaches each year, there will again be a printed Coach's Book with detailed resumes in the same one page format for each participant.

The Coach's Books have become very popular with coaches at the golf combines and were very helpful to the College Golf Coaches during the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 IMG Academy Junior World Championship.  Having your resume included in the books is optional and not required.  There is a $50 fee to cover production and printing expenses for each participant that would like to have their detailed resume in the Coach's Book.

Register Now to Begin Creating Your Resume 
Coaches will be able to access your resume all summer!
Resumes can be updated with new results through July 1st

The IMG Academy Junior World Championship has asked College Golf Combines to produce a Coach's Books for the Boys and Girls 15-18 & 13-14 Divisions.  If you would like to include your resume in the Coach's Book, please click on the link below to register and then begin creating your interactive resume.

Boys 13-18 Register Here

Girls 13-18 Register Here



All junior golfers that are interested in playing college golf may register for free to create their interactive resume at  There are over 600 College Golf Coaches registered to use the website, which allows them to access your personal and contact information.  The individual resumes included in the Coach's Books are created using the information from the website.

A pdf version of the 2018 IMG Academy Junior World Coach's Book will be emailed to every College Golf Coach in the country at all divisions.

Click Here to view a sample Coach's Book resume page.

If you have any questions about your resume, please email

Have a great 2018 of golf competition!